Giant’s Causeway – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

My brother Sean and I had long heard stories of Giant’s Causeway and driving all the way to Ireland’s Northernmost tip in County Antrim was a must for us.  The journey was half the fun but this geological wonder and UNESCO Heritage site was worth the travel.

Giant’s Causeway is made up of area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns which ultimately hailed from a volcanic eruption.  This natural wonder if amazing to behold and begs legends to be told of its grandeur.

Our grandmother had long told us the story of the Giant Finn McCool.  After we got old enough to do proper research I heard stories of Finn McCool in many different ways.  But legend has it that the stepping stones were created when Finn scooped up part of Ireland and threw it at an enemy causing a walkway between Ireland and Scotland.

One day Finn heard another Giant Benandonner was coming to fight him.  Unsure if he could fight off this giant he devised an ingenious plan.  Finn’s wife dresses him as a baby and hid him in a giant cradle.  When Benandonner arrived and saw the size of the baby he realized quickly that its father Finn must be of enormous size and stature.   Benandonner  ran scared back to Scotland via the causeway never having seen the Giant he came to fight.

Here are a few photos from the way back machine. If memory serves these photos were taken on Sean and I’s first trip to Ireland in 1999.

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