Winter Camping on the Beach in California

I have likely mentioned in previous posts how glorious living in California can be, politics, traffic, and just general weirdness aside. One reason California is awesome is that it affords us the opportunity to winter camp on the beach. Those outside of California will probably visualize me with braids in my hair and a flower crown. The reality was I was in rain boots, a Northface beanie, long underwear, and a rainproof jacket pretty much 100% of the time. Choose the visual you would prefer friends.

We tried something new this year and went to Doran Beach in Bodega Bay for crab season. Normally we camp at Wright’s Beach but we decided to shake it up a bit. Doran was delightful with a flat, dry, and convenient camp area. The ocean is on one side of the camp site and Bodega Bay is on the other. The ocean break wont break your neck on this beach so kids and dogs can play in the water if they are brave enough to tackle the cold.

Friends took over multiple campsites and had a good old fashion crab feed in the rain. Mother Nature was kind enough to make the days dry and the nights a sailor’s nightmare. The foghorn tooting every five seconds grew tiresome but eventually one fails to hear it any longer. Regardless, my rain boots and I had a great time getting out of town for some post-Thanksgiving camping.








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