Great Basin National Park – Nevada

On our journey to Utah from California a sanity stop was required.  The journey on highway 50, at times, is uneventful.  Open range and flatland for hours and hours makes Great Basin National Park a virtual oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Great Basin National Park is still in Nevada almost to Utah near the town of Baker.  The park gets its name from the dry region it is located in.  The park and the area in general is known for its bristlecone pines, some of which are more than 5,000 years old making them the oldest living organism.  While these trees aren’t as glorious and beautiful as our tall redwoods or a weeping willow or even a Japanese Maple they make up for it in sheer persistence.  If they could only tell stories of what they have lived through…

Great Basin National Park is also known for its cave systems.  I visited Lehman Cave and managed a tour during our short visit before we embarked on the final part of our journey for the day.  The cave is 550 million years old and is made of marble and limestone.  The caves are well worth a visit and display beautifully.

Lastly, the Great Basin National Park boasts as being one of the darkest places on earth.  There is literally nothing around for miles and miles and miles and I can certainly see why they are proud of this distinction.


DSC_3338 - Copy







8 thoughts on “Great Basin National Park – Nevada

  1. Great Basin is a surprising oasis in the midst of the Nevada desert. Now that I see your pictures, I wish we spent more time there. We enjoyed an overnight camping there but were back on the road early in the morning. Love the trailer!

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    • Thanks Peter. Perhaps it was an oasis just compared to its surroundings. But it really was a neat place to stop that. And the caves were very cool to see. I would’ve liked to of spent more time. I would’ve liked to of done some hiking there. Would definitely stop by and spend the night next time we head that way.


  2. I’m so glad you were able to stop at Lehman Caves. It’s not a big tourist destination and I wish more people knew about it. That poster for the milky way in Great Basin NP is beautiful. I noticed the trailer too. How long have you been using it? I’ve never traveled with a pull-behind trailer and it seems like that would be a lot of fun.

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    • Thanks! We bought the trailer about five or six years ago on craigslist and fuxed it up a little. Its a lot of fun. It gets us out of the weather. We use it a lot. It seems like we wind up camping at least once every other month.

      And Great Basin is super cool. Wish we had more time there. Next time!

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  3. 550 million years old! That’s impressive!! Your trailer is also a popular choice in the Netherlands – majority Dutch family usually own such trailer that they used for summer holiday 🙂 My in-laws used to have one and I saw how comfy it was inside – at least it was big enough for two persons.
    Great review on Great Basin! I hope someday I will visit USA, so many amazing nature reservation parks there!


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