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Travel related books give me inspiration when I am not able to get away.  Below are a few books I have enjoyed over the years for one reason or another.  What do you love to read in between adventures?  What has provided you with travel related inspiration when the boss won’t give you time off or your check book won’t balance?  How do you fill the times in between traveling?

 Give me the world

Leila Hadley

Inspirational story of a young woman traveling on her own and with her small son in a time where this was not the norm.

California Camping: A complete guide to more than 1400 tent and Rv campgrounds

Tom Stienstra

Our bible when looking for somewhere new to drag our little canned ham trailer.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne

Everyone loves this story and movie.  It’s an exciting, funny, interesting read even today.

The Art of Happiness
Dalai Lama

While this book may not be a traditional travel novel per se it helps get me in the right state of mind for planning a trip, taking a trip, or returning home to the real world after a trip.

This is San Francisco

M. Sasek

I love the art deco vibe of this book about one of the greatest cities on earth.

Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave
Jean-Marie Chauvet
Eliette Brunel Deschamps
Christian Hillaire

I saw one slide of Chauvet Cave when I was in Community College which inspired me to purchase this book.  It in turn prompted a visit to the cave in France in 2010.  History and art meet in this beautiful photo book.

The Arabian Nights

Various Authors and versions

Various enjoyable fables told by the brilliant Princess Shahrazad will spark your imagination into traveling throughout the Arab world.


15 thoughts on “Travel from the comfort of your couch

    • Very cool. I will check that out. The old books are fun because it seemed like more of an adventure then. It’s fun to see how inexpensive things were and how non touristy. Lots of names on the map have changed. Lots more travel by boat. Anyway, glad to find a fellow vintage travel book reader.

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  1. I started reading one of my all-time favourite books, The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, in anticipation of a trip to France. It’s a big book and I did not need another for the two weeks I was there. I was part of a volunteer work group learning how to rebuild castles using the traditional medieval construction style, and we worked mainly on the castella at St. Victor la Coste (near Avignon), but also on nearby castellas. What made the book perfect is that it is about building a cathedral in 12th century England…and discussed medieval stone architecture in great detail. I was able to understand so much more about what I was doing!

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  2. I just read a lot in general – I think any book can be an inspiration for a trip (then again, I tend to feel this way about not just every book, but everything I see. Like that Coke on my desk – I haven’t been to Atlanta in awhile…).

    I wish I planned better and read more about places I am heading to. I am off to Hawaii in a couple days, and the only two things I have read in anticipation of this trip are guidebooks (and one I just looked at the pictures). Having read this post, though, I’m sure I can find something online to download that has the right theme…

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    • Go for it! Find a good Hawaiian crime novel or romance story from the times of the Hawaiian kings! When I was last in Hawaii I read a little bit about the history of the time prior to and just after statehood. I was a bit embarrassed to not have known some of that history already. Perhaps those ideas will inspire you to find something interesting to read.

      Which island are you headed too? I have some posts on my blog about Maui if you are interested in checking them out. Just search on Maui.

      Have a safe and wonderful trip.

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      • Headed to Kauai – my parents are there for a couple months (the joys of retirement), and my husband and I are visiting them.

        And you should know I did go look for books on Hawaii immediately after reading this. Except I got distracted and ended up getting something else entirely. I’m going to try Round 2 of finding a Hawaii book (I think I may go for the Hawaiian kings. That sounds up my alley for reading material – though as we are staying right near where Captain Cook landed in Hawaii, perhaps I may go that direction).

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  3. This is awesome list – thanks so much! I have been looking for new travel books to read. I will start with Give me the world!
    I like books written by Ryzard Kapuscinki. He was a Polish journalist and travel around Africa during the conflicts – when they were about to gain independence. Really enjoy reading his book..

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