Something new, Something old?

Last weekend I went to Wright’s Beach in Bodega Bay camping again.  My husband and I and Amelia, the bulldog, go there as often as we can primarily in winter since it’s too cold to camp anywhere else.  We had a primo site with a full 100% view of the glorious beach and ocean.  The weather was clear and probably 72 degrees.  Camping really does not get any better than Wright’s Beach.  It seriously doesn’t.  While sitting together staring out at the ocean in a very contented state I posed the following question, “Are we missing out by coming here all the time and not trying somewhere new?”

I pose that question to you.  Do you love to return to the same places over and over again because you love them and they hold sentimental value to you?  Or do you return to them because they are convenient?  Or perhaps you return to them as we did last weekend because we have found a gold mine of a camp site knowing other places will pale in comparison?  Or perhaps you like to try something new every time for the excitement?

Tell me your thoughts on returning to the beloved spots versus branching out and trying something new each time!



10 thoughts on “Something new, Something old?

  1. Marisa, I’m having technical trouble responding directly to your original post so I just wanted to thank you for sending me the link. It was a beautiful post. I love your perspective and your pride in your students.

    I have noticed that sometimes going back to a place we love, although as you say may still be beautiful, sometimes doesn’t have the same excitement partially I think because we have actually seen it before. There is nothing like the anticipation and excitement of seeing something for the first time…


  2. I really love the sunset image here and from the photos, I understand why you would love to return there again 🙂
    Yes, there are places that I’d love to return again. I have been to Bali Island multiple times for instance, I love and hate the island at the same time but I always miss Bali, its atmosphere and being there.

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  3. This is a beautiful to visit again and again. For me, I don’t like to travel to the same place over and over again. Not because I don’t like the place but because resources are limited and I want to visit as many places as possible during this lifetime.

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