Black and White Challenge – Day One – Doors & Windows

I accept the challenge to post five black and white photos for five consecutive days this week. They ask that we include our black and white and its original match and I threw in some extras for fun.

I was challenged by Indah Susanti over at .  Indah has a gorgeous travel blog specializing in underwater photography.  I encourage you to check it out.

As part of the challenge I am encouraged to challenge another blogger I am connected to each day.  Today I challenge

Brittany w/ Brittany from Boston Blog @ .

I have included some photos of various windows and doors all from France.  The first really spoke to me initially due to the lovely fall colors.  I enjoy the door as much in black and white as I do in color just do to the composition.  This old troglodyte cave door is merely a storage door.  But the romance and beauty behind it makes it seem so much more important.












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