Black and White Challenge – Day Two – Architechture

I accept the challenge to post five black and white photos for five consecutive days this week. They ask that we include our black and white and its original match and I threw in some extras for fun.

I was challenged by Indah Susanti over at .  Indah has a gorgeous travel blog specializing in underwater photography.  I encourage you to check it out.

As part of the challenge I am encouraged to challenge another blogger I am connected to each day.  Today I challenge

Ting Dalton @ My Travel Monkey

Below are some photos all taken in Paris of an icon, the Eiffel Tower.  I love the striking yellow color of the tower.  but the black and white, to me, is just as interesting and enjoyable to look at.  The light and dark juxtaposed with the modern metalwork never gets old to me.  I threw in some other sites in the city that I find the black and white adds a timelessness to the photo that maybe wouldn’t be there in a color version.


DSC_4694-37        DSC_4750-107


DSC_4755-121                 DSC_4678-10

DSC_4847-344                 DSC_4850-353

DSC_4843-337   DSC_4840-322

12 thoughts on “Black and White Challenge – Day Two – Architechture

  1. Very nice Pix. I love the “Petit Châtelet” café. I wouldn’t swear to it but that’s probably near l’Hotel de Ville. Rue Saint-Denis maybe. The “gentleman” in a hat in on the Façade of Notre Dame. I look at him every time I go to Notre-Dame.
    And Indah? “E-Know” her. Lovely blog. Lovely person.

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  2. Maybe my comment was confusing. I mean your 5fth photo top down left to right, the sculpture on the Façade of Notre-Dame. Probably a statue of the Archangel Gabriel. Long flowing hair, a long robe, some sort of stick in his left hand (part of a sword?), tablets in the left hand. What I thought was a hat is actually probably a snake, covering/blinding the eyes. A wonderful statue. If there ‘s a snake, dragon tail? Maybe it would be St-Michael- Need to look it up.
    Glad your eyes picked it.


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