Black and White Challenge – Day Five – People

I accept the challenge to post five black and white photos for five consecutive days this week. They ask that we include our black and white and its original match and I threw in some extras for fun.

I was challenged by Indah Susanti over at .  Indah has a gorgeous travel blog specializing in underwater photography.  I encourage you to check it out.

As part of the challenge I am encouraged to challenge another blogger I am connected to each day.  Today I challenge

Phyll @PhyllThis @ .  Phyll is full of energy and has an entertaining blog I hope you will enjoy.

Black and white images are especially interesting with people.  I think it can sometimes turn a seemingly boring picture into something more interesting.  Below I was shooting a photo of the lovely building behind my intrepid husband.  He was getting bored and walked in to the image as a joke.  I love the way the black and white photo turned out in this one.



This image was actually a somewhat blurry photo.  When turned in to black and white I think it provides a level of interest that was not there with the original.


This photo, taken at Normandy, France is quite striking in black and white and compliments the immense history in this region of France.


5 thoughts on “Black and White Challenge – Day Five – People

  1. Congratulations on all five days. I really do think the image from day one is my favourite. The one that looks like grape vines over a wooden door set in a stone wall. That one is gorgeous. They are all wonderful, really. What a photographer you are.

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