Uxmal…glorious Uxmal

When visiting the Yucatan everyone always goes to Chichen Itza, and they should, but Uxmal is where it’s really at.  Chichen Itza is full of tourists taking the bus from Cancun which takes away from the experience.  Uxmal is a little more off the beaten path, south of Merida, but certainly worth a visit.  Uxmal is an important Mayan site located in the Puuc region and boasts an architectural style different from other Mayan sites I have visited.  One can spend all day at this UNESCO heritage site just bring a hat, some sunscreen, and some bug spray for comfort.

I took hundreds of photos of the site but have included a few to give you an idea of the complex.

Multiple buildings exist on the complex most of which are in splendid shape.


Random turtle I found climbing on one of the buildings.  Many animals like jaguars, birds, even crocodiles are prevalent in Mayan art.  But, I haven’t seen too many turtles.


Gorgeous arch at Uxmal in a portion of the grounds in the House of the Doves that has been less restored but no less gorgeous, interesting, and mystical.



While the main pyramid at Uxmal is breathtaking but this end of the complex was my favorite architecturally.  I love the angles on these buildings.






This remains one of my favorite sculptures anywhere.  The double-headed jaguar sits in a courtyard and is an imposing figure.  Many a ceremony must have occurred at her feet.


Another example of decoration throughout the grounds.


My intrepid travel partner.


There are an enormous number of iguanas on site at Uxmal.


The angles of this pyramid are also gorgeous.




The Great Pyramid at Uxmal when she was experiencing some repairs.


25 thoughts on “Uxmal…glorious Uxmal

  1. I agree that busloads of tourists take away from the experience. I have yet to explore the ruins in Mexico, and it’s always been one of the places I’ve wanted to see. I’ll remember Uxmal and try to put this one on my list when I get there. The angles are amazing! This architecture uses more of the triangle shape than I’m used to seeing in other old architecture. The triangle-ish arch is particularly interesting to me.

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  6. Oh my! I can imagine myself taking hundreds of photos at Uxmal. Those carvings are so exquisite and different from any ancient carvings I’ve ever seen on a temple. Such a glorious place Uxmal really is!

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    • I’m glad you think so. It was my favorite in the region for sure. I’m so happy to have you follow me. I feel like we have had exchanges on your site for some time. You are a wonderful writer and photographer. What’s your next adventure?


      • I should have hit that Follow button since a long time ago! As you might have noticed, I’m also a big enthusiast of archaeology, and Mexico has been on my wish list for the longest time. Thanks for your supportive words! In April I will be exploring Central Vietnam. There are centuries-old temples in the region, but unfortunately many were severely damaged by the bombings during the Vietnam War. Being relatively close to where I live, it’s about time I pay this part of Vietnam a visit. What about you? Where are you headed next?

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        • I look forward to your posts on Vietnam. That will be very exciting.

          I don’t have any big trips planned. Just some shorter trips closer to home because I just had a baby. I would like to attend some local festivals, see a local art museum, see the newly reopened MoMa in San Francisco and a few other similar things. When the baby gets bigger we will get him out there for sure!


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