Rocky Mountain National Park



As previously mentioned my brothers and I visited Denver to spend the weekend together celebrating one of their impending weddings this summer.  We enjoyed a baseball game at the Rockies stadium and a short sidestep to the Mork and Mindy house.  Our next stop was Rocky Mountain National Park.

The park is approximately an hour and a half outside of Denver.  The elevation is “Rocky Mountain high” which means fewer trees but no shortage of lovely views.  It also means one gets out of breath practically climbing out of their car.  But perhaps I just need to exercise more…The weather was cool and snowy in parts.

We viewed Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes/Wolf, and Deer.  The wildlife was ample and the number of visitors was low.  It seems the high season is in the warmer weather months which was lucky for us.  We encountered a number of intrepid visitors at Bear Lake where a short walk provided the visitor with a lovely frozen lake view.  People were skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing.  We managed to slip and slide our way there just in tennis shoes.

A highlight for me, rather randomly, was the Rocky Mountain National Park visitors center.  It boasted lovely lines and architecture that seemed peculiar to me for being a government building.  While wandering around reading plaques I realized the interesting architecture was because a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright created the building.

What’s your favorite National Park in Colorado or anywhere for that matter?  Has anyone visited any lovely Frank Lloyd Wright properties they particularly enjoyed?  I hope to see many more in my lifetime!



Stanley House on the way to the park



It’s still winter in Colorado for sure.  Not a spring flower to be seen anywhere.


The animals do not seem to be too afraid of the visitors.


Bear Lake.


Frank Lloyd Wright inspired visitor’s center

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5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. I love visiting parks in their off-seasons. I went to Grand Canyon in February a couple years ago and it was just amazing to have the place practically to myself (and Choppy). It was a cooler than it would be during the summer, but I will trade a little snow for the solitude!

    As for Rocky Mountain, I haven’t been there since I was a kid, but I am hoping to get the husband out to Colorado and Utah soon – he hasn’t been to either and is thus missing some amazing parts of the U.S.!

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