Road Trip Food – What’s your favorite?

My husband and I went up to Oregon for the weekend to visit his family.  His Dad was having an important number birthday so we made the drive up for his shindig.  It’s mandatory that we fill the car console up with tasty junk food to make the drive more palatable.  (Especially the boring bit between Sacramento and Redding before it starts getting really pretty!  Hello Mount Shasta.)

The road trip and various stops at dirty gas stations got me thinking.  What is your favorite road trip food?  Do you use road trips as an excuse to eat junk food?  It certainly isn’t healthy but boy does it make the time go by a little faster.

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18 thoughts on “Road Trip Food – What’s your favorite?

  1. No judgement here! I usually want one each of sweet and salty snacks. Tara and I drink a ton on road trips, so we get the Arizona teas in those giant cans. I’m not a fan of DQ, but Tara is crazy for it, so that’s our guilty pleasure stop for a meal, and I will gladly get a HeathBar blizzard. When it’s my turn to choose a place, I love trying to find a totally local, hole-in-the-wall diner that serves mediocre coffee, steak and gravy for breakfast (or fried whitefish for breakfast when I was in Michigan!), and the waitress calls you “honey.” And usually, if it’s a small enough town, they still smoke indoors. Though I can’t stand the smell, it’s too hilarious to see a bunch of old dudes in their hunting caps, smoking, telling outrageous tales, and drinking coffee.

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