Captivate me – One Four Challenge – Country Road

I ran across this lovely blog called Captivate me!  The site encourages bloggers to post four versions of the same photo once per week for four weeks.  It’s called the One Four Challenge.  I am going to perform an abbreviated challenge and include all four photos plus the original all at once.

I took a fun little country photo of the back of my husband’s helmet while motorcycling down a local country road at sunset.  The photo by itself is moderately boring.  However, with a new app I recently downloaded on my iPhone called Enlight I had some fun with the photo.  (I am pretty impressed with the editing capabilities of the iPhone these days…)

Tell me which one you like best.  I am partial to the watercolor effect myself!

Happy travels!










Interesting B&W

13 thoughts on “Captivate me – One Four Challenge – Country Road

  1. Hi Jenny and welcome to the One Four Challenge. So glad youre joining us!!
    I like the watercolour version very much too and the colour version. Theyre all interesting and it is fun to try an image 4 ways 😃😃

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