Back from vacation! Now what?

You spend months planning and saving for your trip.  You spent the week before packing, planning, and Bon Voyaging.  You go on your trip and have a glorious time.  You come back and post some photos on Facebook.  You go back to work and stare at the mound of paperwork waiting for you.  A few of your colleagues politely ask you how your trip was and you tell them it was fine.  Now what? You slip in to a tiny depression wishing you were back from whence you came?

How do you cope with coming down off of an awesome vacation?

(I have found that blogging helps me relive my trip.  I enjoy editing my photos and sharing them with friends and family possibly even making photo books out of them.  But, most of all I enjoy starting to plan the NEXT trip!)

Inspired by this recent Huff Post article

18 thoughts on “Back from vacation! Now what?

  1. Blogging absolutely helps you relive it! Since we just started our blog about a month ago, we are playing catchup on some of the places we’ve been. I find that writing about them helps me to recall the details and amazing things that we did. This will be invaluable in the future when it’s been years and we want to come back to relive it again =)

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  2. Our best travel photos go onto the screen saver for our Apple TV. Since we keep internet radio on most days, our travel photos are always showing. Great for keeping memories fresh, bad when you would rather be someone else than working on the house.

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