Japanese Tea Garden – Golden Gate Park San Francisco

Golden Gate Park, in my book should be every bit as popular and well known as Central Park and for some unknown reason it’s not. It is a virtual oasis in The City.

One of many reasons is the Japanese Tea Garden. For a few dollars you can be transported to another place in time.  It is peaceful and joyous and well cared for. Because of the small entry fee it is busy but not overrun with crowds.

So take a picnic and enjoy a first rate garden in the middle of the City by the Bay.


Check out Annie Heart’s heartbreaking love story inspired by my post on the Tea Garden by clicking here!

68 thoughts on “Japanese Tea Garden – Golden Gate Park San Francisco

    • Thank you! I am glad you think so. I spent many years never having been there. And I have been stuck on it ever since. It is always a toss up on visiting here or the Botanic Gardens in the same Golden Gate Park.


  1. Firstly, great blog!
    I love how your text and pictures compliment each other. It’s breathtaking!
    I wish I could visit the Golden Gate Park now. Maybe one day.
    Just a small suggestion: I don’t know anything about photography. I am ignorant on that but as a viewer, I did find it a little difficult in cases when the picture didn’t fit the screen and I had to scroll to see it entirely. It would be more convenient if the pictures fit the screen.
    Of course, you are the expert and it’s your blog and I am just a mere mortal with no knowledge whatsoever.

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      • Yes, thanks for sharing your photos! I don’t take trips to the West Coast very often, but now that I know this place exists, it will be a must-visit. I might be going for Christmas for the first time, actually, so this was very helpful!


  2. Its a beautiful garden. I’ve visited the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires and was lovely also. San Francisco is one of the cities in my list and now I know that the Japanese tea garden is a place to go. Loved your blog and I’ll be coming back,

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  5. An absolutely lovely post. I went to Frisco for the first time eons ago.
    Went back some ten years ago. Love the city. Never been to the Tea garden, unfortunately.
    But your post took me there. Merci.
    And thank you for the follow. Glad you could follow the link.
    Take care

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