Botanic gardens – Golden Gate Park San Francisco

I rarely visit San Francisco without visiting Golden Gate Park. My favorite place to visit within the park is the Botanic Gardens. Now charging a small fee for entry I often think I don’t need to visit having been there multiple times before. However, every time I go I am left recharged and looking forward to my next visit back.

The park is broken down by continent and type of tree or bush or plant. One can even experience a garden for the blind which boasts hundreds of odorific plants.

The park is an oasis in the hustle and bustle that is the City by the Bay and is hands down my favorite location in the city.

I would be honored if you would view another of my fun posts on the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park by clicking here!

20 thoughts on “Botanic gardens – Golden Gate Park San Francisco

  1. Gorgeous new banner photo at the top of your blog! I assume it is from the Botanical Gardens.

    Can you believe I have lived in SF 3 years and haven’t been to these gardens!? Moreover, I live within walking distance and haven’t been. It’s nuts…

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