“Calling all Selfies!” Bulldogtravels Self Portrait Photo Challenge

In an exercise to test some settings on my camera the other night I was forced to take photos of myself which I do not particularly care for.  No one else was around for me to abuse.  Once I had achieved what I had set out to test on my camera I started fooling around with filters in Lightroom.  Several hours later these efforts led me to think that, of all of the challenges I have seen and participated on in WordPress, I had not seen any for Self Portraits or Black and White Self Portraits.

So, readers, I challenge you to post self portraits of yourself!  Just please link or ping back to this post so I can have the benefit of seeing them.  Be as creative as you want.  If your self portrait is a photo of your feet or your kneecaps I am fine with that.  If it is you bending in a backbreaking yoga pose then so be it.  If you use a fancy camera or your cell phone I don’t judge.  (Selfie sticks are welcome here even if they aren’t in Disneyland anymore!)  If you use filters or don’t use filters I don’t care.  If your interpretation of a self portrait is a photo of your dog or your Dahlia then hey, ok, whatever!  I will see the humor in it.

If your self portrait happens to be in a great and interesting travel location that would be even better!  Just have fun with it and let me know how it turns out!  Happy selfie taking!

My attempt at a Selfie…yup that’s a vintage video camera I am using to cover most of my face! 😉

053014 - 3


Cee’s B&W Challenge

51 thoughts on ““Calling all Selfies!” Bulldogtravels Self Portrait Photo Challenge

  1. Omigosh, no!! I am the absolute worst at selfies. Well, at least with my phone. I just cannot cannot figure out how to hold it and aim it and still hit the little red dot without my dumb fingernails getting in the way. I’m better with selfies on the Nikon, only the problem, obviously, is that you can’t switch the perspective and see the photo you are about to take… so I have to take about 12 to get one that has my whole face in it. Woe is me… being born without this skill and living during 2015.

    But maybe… just maybe… I’ll take you up on this challenge… 😉


    • Oh I hope you do! I hope people have fun with it. And if you aren’t able to take a perfect one I hope you can take a funny one. That’s why I threw the comment in there about feet or hands or your dog or something. Perhaps even one from the side or the back? If someone had to help you take it I would never tell! Thank goodness for camera timers!

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  2. I will participate and I like the idea to humor our selfie 😀 – Do you have specific deadline or do you let it open? I am planning to post your challenge for the next Monochrome Monday then I will mention your challenge as the linking master of course 😀

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    • Thanks for participating and thanks a ton for sharing on your blog! I like your ideas for your portraits and I also love the samples you used. It is fun to see what comes up when you google self portrait. Happy snapping!


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  7. A nice idea. An Algerian writer, Kamel Daoud, of whom I am a great fan, once wrote: the world is a selfie.
    And I could confirm that last in summer in Paris: no matter where, it seems that the world is now but a mere background for selfies: Notre-Dame de Paris? A backdrop. Tour Eiffel: a background. The Golden Gate? a backrop… 🙂
    Having said that, I find your challenge a great idea. Let me look for a selfie. (I don’t do much)
    Be good. Or bad. Whatever suits your mood. 🙂


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