Desert Botanical Gardens – An Oasis in the Desert

The desert is a wild and scary and exciting place.  Desert Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place to experience the desert, in all her glory, in amazing and classy comfort.  Years ago my Eagle Scout cousin took me on some hikes through the desert pointing out every animal, cactus, plant, rock, snake, etc he could find.  At first glance, the desert is stark and unforgiving.  But, when he took me through with an attention to detail only an engineer can muster my love for the desert was secured.  If only my pale skin and dry nose would agree perhaps I could live there.

At the gardens visitors can wander through perfectly manicured pathways and see everything the desert has to offer like desert wild flowers, yucca, agave, saguaro cactus raising their arms to the sky, Cholla cactus waiting to jump and attach itself to passersby, smooth and classy succulents, tall and skinny organ pipe cactus, tall and bazaar boojum, even a cactus they nickname the old man because it appears to have a bald head and wispy white hair! Like any botanical garden the specimens are well cared for and the perfect way to see a fine example of every type of species an area has to offer in a small package.

The gardens are home to a butterfly garden, a cafe, a garden center, and even boast Chihuly glass sculptures that light up the night.  The gardens are a must see when visiting Phoenix and can be easily seen in a few hours.  Just be sure to bring your hat and your good camera because I neglected to do so and the desert won’t let you get away with that!

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To see some of the other amazing botanical gardens I have visited please click here!  I do love photographing a good garden.

Boojum Tree, looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.

Saguaro Cactus cresting

Lovely view from the Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail

A photo from what I wish was my garden…

As if Cactus are hardy enough this one has prickles on the bottom side. Small animals beware.

Lots of birds live and nest inside the saguaro cactus. Seems to be a good place for a Disney cartoon to take place!

Nothing prettier than a blooming cactus. Best to visit in spring to see more blooms.

“Old Man” Cactus, this one cracks me up.

Tell me this cactus is not screaming to be in a black and white photo?!

Chihuli light sculptures

A lovely and unusual cactus seen all over the garden

47 thoughts on “Desert Botanical Gardens – An Oasis in the Desert

  1. The garden is gorgeous in the spring when the cacti are blooming. Some of the plants are so unique and unusual it boggles the mind. It takes about 6 months to adjust to the lack of humidity…. so come on down (again) 😆

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    • I have family down there so I have been visiting all my life but never more than a few days at a time. And my poor body never likes it even though my mind certainly does. Six months huh? Good to know. I have seen the cacti blooming before but never in the gardens. That would be a site to behold one that my camera would love very much. Have you heard they are building a new butterfly enclosure? I would love to see that when it is complete. I will likely be visiting more and more in the future as the family continues to grow. I look forward to it always.


  2. I was in Phoenix on a business trip in 1996 and persuaded everone to drive to Tombstone just because of the gunfight legend. It was a lot longer drive than I imagined and we didn’t make it but I seem to remember a lot of desert and a lot of cacti!

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  3. “And I went to desert on a horse with no name…”
    (‘hope I didn’t use that one here already)
    Lovely pictures Jenny. I’m sweating already.
    PS. You also show how the desert is full of life. 😉

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  4. Awesome! I love cacti… Not only are they able to survive my laissez-faire attitude to gardening, but the variety of shapes they take on never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing your photos… I never knew the saguaro cactus grew those “crests” at the top!

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  5. The desert is subtle; it can’t be appreciated from the car. You have to go out into it to see the colors, textures, and unique shapes. Your pictures captured the best of the desert’s quiet beauty.

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  6. Now that is some interesting plant – don’t see anything like it up here. When I first looked at the photo of the Boojum Tree I thought there was smoke coming from it! Until I quickly realised it was only clouds in the sky…hehe 🙂

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