Ireland’s National Museum – Dublin’s Top Attraction in the Guidebook in My Mind

When recently taking my parents to Ireland my intention was to take them to the National Archaeology Museum of Ireland on our first day in Dublin, Ireland.  We ran out of time and ended up going on our last day.  I think this was an auspicious turning of events because we were able to view artifacts of many of the places we had seen during the prior two weeks motoring through the Isle.


Three Faced Corleck Head

The Archaeology museum houses relics from many of the castles, monasteries, carved stones from burial mounds, etc throughout the Isles.  Highlights for us were the display of Celtic Gold dug up from hundreds of years of exploration through Ireland.


The Museum has a wonderful Bog Man display showing multiple bog people along with their stories, location, circumstances of their exhumation, and more.  It has a large medieval Viking display honoring Dublin’s long “connection” with the Vikings. There is a small Egyptian Collection.  The treasury houses the Cross of Cong and the The Faddan More Psalter, a book of Psalms recovered from a bog which was written around AD 800!  Prehistoric Ireland is on display as well as sacrifice and Kingship.



Clonmacnoise Crozier

Plan at least three hours to explore this FREE museum and be sure to stop for a cup of coffee at their lovely café. And did I mention it was Free?



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33 thoughts on “Ireland’s National Museum – Dublin’s Top Attraction in the Guidebook in My Mind

  1. Very fine art from my Gaelic cousins. 🙂
    There is possibly some viking influence in one of the artefacts. Not too sure.
    Thanks for sharing.
    (I can almost hear the sound of a distant bagpipe)

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  2. The National Museum is great, isn’t it? I’m glad you found time to have a look around, and it must have been fun catching up with the history of all the places you visited during your trip! Next time, visit the Natural History museum (if you didn’t already go)… It has to be one of my favourite places in Dublin. And it’s free too! 😀

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  3. It does look like a fine museum. Interesting you said there is a small Egyptian exhibit. Seems a little off-topic compared to the rest of the stuff, but if it’s an anthropology museum, I’m sure they are happy to display anything that fits!

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