Muckross House – Killarney County Kerry, Ireland

Muckross House of Killarney in County Kerry is spectacular.  It is a 19th century Victorian mansion built in the lush green Killarney Park and sits on a glorious mountainside Muckross lake and waterfall.  The house is open for tours and has been lovingly restored.  The tour tells the story of the Herbert family who built and owned the house for many generations.  It focuses quite prominently on renovations and plans made specifically for a visit by Queen Victoria in 1861.  The house was eventually lost to the Herbert family and purchased, quite inexpensively, by the Guinness family who ironically had marital ties to the Herbert family.  Eventually, in the early 20th century the house and grounds became impossible to maintain and was gifted to the state.  It is now a state park boasting, tours, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, watersports, crafts, weavers, pottery, and more.


Lovely sunken garden



Rock garden built on a natural limestone outcropping




Horse drawn carriages can take you to the waterfall however it is only a short walk if you have the time.


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60 thoughts on “Muckross House – Killarney County Kerry, Ireland

  1. That last photo looks like something out of National Geographic. Do you get paid to do this stuff? Seriously. No really. I have a SONY DSLR and for the love of Guiness I can’t even get half as good of photos as those. 😦

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  2. Gorgeous photos! I was extra-interested to see these, because I think my workplace are sending me to have a look around the weavers’ workshop early next year. Now I can’t wait! I hope I get some time to stroll around the grounds, they really are spectacular 😀

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