Autumn postcard from Quincy, California

Where’s Quincy?  It is well off the beaten path my friends.  Weekend before last we went for a drive along the Feather River and wound up in Quincy.  It was a lovely drive along a steep river path to a secluded mountain town.  It was here I had the most delightful hot chocolate and biscuit from Carey Candy Co.  I am so enamored by this treat I felt I must share it.

It is raining in Sacramento for the first time in what feels like years so I am feeling like a nice cup of hot chocolate!

20 thoughts on “Autumn postcard from Quincy, California

        • Oh my California is an amazing state, one most people have a love/hate relationship with. It is expensive to live here and the politics are strange but we have so many things. Check on my category California for a few. Among my favorites are San Francisco, Bodega Bay, Mendocino, any grove of Big Trees (Redwoods), Joshua Tree National Park, and Lake Tahoe.

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          • I will. Check. A former mexican executive of mine has moved to San Diego. She loves it. My own recollections as a child are a bit mixed. Loved Frisco. Yosemite. Hated LA. It seemed like an entire day on the highway. “Mom? Where are we?” Los Angeles dear” two hours driving later: “Mom? Where are we?” “Los Angeles dear”. and so forth and so on 😉


          • Yes, LA is exactly like that only worse now. Don’t go there unless you can charter a helicopter or they can beam you there like Star Trek. Sadly, there are a lot of cool things to see there it is just a lot of work to get around. La Brea Tar Pits are one cool thing for example. San Diego is beautiful by the way…

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          • And yet, I imagine there must be some nice places in LA. SD sounds nice. Saw about one hour of it. That was the reason for driving from Frisco through LA. Go to SD. We saw the harbour and piled back in the car. The friend who drove us around was a bit special. My parents were a bit p.o.ed. 🙂 Got to see Sea world as a trade. 🙂

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