– Will it take off or fizzle out?

Hello budget travelers…

How better to celebrate Black friday than to talk about travel deal websites?  I read recently in an edition of Travel and Leisure of a new “deal” website called  (I was immediately skeptical.)  Well, I decided to try it out for fun.  The concept is this…You sign up for two months free and pay $9.99 every month thereafter.  For this fee Dealray will send you any domestic or international airline deals its super computer can churn out.  You book directly through the airline not through Dealray.  For any referral you give to someone else you will get two months free.   You can cancel anytime without any questions.

I decided to sign up for one free month to see if any deals came through.  I have already seen deals from SFO to Chicago for $127 round trip and one from LAX to Chicago for $81.  The travel times are limited but for $81 I could make that work.

Check it out if it interests you.  Click on the following link so I can get two additional free months from your referral!  (Insert shameless plug here.)

Be sure to let me know what you think and if it worked for you.  I will update this post if I end up booking any flights or have any additional feedback.

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