Postcards from London(Derry), Northern Ireland

Depending on where you stand in Irish Politics you refer to the city as Londonderry or Derry.  In fact, as one drives towards the city, one will see spray paint riddled signs blocking out the word London to display only Derry.  It seems Londonderry has similar issues as portions of Belfast.  (See my Tour of a Lifetime post about the Belfast Troubles.)  Murals depict the troubles front and center which I found beautiful and unsettling all at the same time.  I can’t help but send light and good thoughts to the beautiful Irish people to find peace in their hearts for future generations.





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37 thoughts on “Postcards from London(Derry), Northern Ireland

  1. I like the name stroke city! That mural of the boy with the petrol bomb is so emotive and haunting!
    I remember the Troubles and how we were so scared of being blown up and sadly forty years on things haven’t changed that much in the world!

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  2. Thank you Jenny for a beautiful and… frightening post at the same time.
    I may have mentioned it before, but I was under the impression that Ulster had “buried the hatchet”.
    Doesn’t look quite like that right?
    We shall paint ourselves blue and that’s it.
    Cut the cr.p.
    That is when I think we will never learn.
    I remember an Irish friend a long time ago who told us that in Ulster, HR people were not supposed to discriminate against catholics, so they could not ask about religion. All they had to do was to ask. “Which school did you go to?” “Saint-Mary’s”. (Catholic) “Thank you for your time, we’ll give you a call”


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