Postcards from Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is an amazing place.  The vistas are gorgeous in any direction one looks.  Squaw Valley, and this view particularly, has always been one of my favorites.  Sometimes, like I did today, I just drive down to see it, hop out, take a photo, wave, and then continue on to my destination.  It just makes me happy.  The snow here is making everyone in California hopeful for a drought-less summer this year.  (We will need a whole lot more than this.)  I hope the view brings you some joy as well.

33 thoughts on “Postcards from Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe

  1. Beautiful!! I know just what you mean: growing up in the West has trained me to think of winter snow in terms of how much snowpack it will leave. In the West we rely on winter snows to get us through the summer, and once that idea gets ingrained, it doesn’t let go. I have fingers tightly crossed that California will have some respite this summer. What a relief it would be to have the pressure released a bit, rather than one more year of tightening the screws. Looks like you are spending the holidays in a wonderland.

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      • Christmas was so nice, just me and my Tara. We both needed to wind down from school and from work, and do some heavy-duty bonding. Man, I miss that kid off at college.

        We have had tons and tons of rain here, I even blogged about it. Shut down I-5 between Portland and Seattle for two days because of a mud slide – amazing!

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    • I agree. It will probably take several seasons to make us right again. But every drop of water is a start. Have you heard that they are calling this year’s El Nino a Godzilla El Nino? Ha. I think we need to see that El Nino is here before we start calling it Godzilla. 😉 Thanks for stopping in. You are welcome anytime.

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  2. It’s 70 degrees in Philly and that view brightens up Christmas even more for me. I hope you folks get a consistent (but not-overwhelming) amount of moisture soon to make a real dent in that drought. As for snow…we rarely have it on the ground here at Christmas…when we would most appreciate it. At this point I think we here would all be happy to keep our potential future snow out your way…it would be put to much better use if that happened.

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    • Its always feast or famine, isnt it? We are finally getting some percipitation and you guys are having Summer BBQs outdoors. I even heard the cherry blossoms are in bloom in DC? What the heck? Mother Nature is having some fun with all of us I think. Thanks for the comment. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

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  3. You are hitting my favorites today. Granite Chief Wilderness is just on the other side of Squaw. The first 100 mile backpack trek I ever led was out of Squaw Valley in 1974 following the Tevis Cup Trail into Auburn. I’ll be doing a blog about that experience some time in the next several months. I was lucky I wasn’t lynched. (grin) –Curt

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