Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Ireland Edition

Odd ball items can be found anywhere.  But, here is a collection of photos I don’t think I have shared yet.  Check out the off ball side of Ireland for Cee’s photo challenge!


Random Donkey Carving in Antrim


Guinness in Baby Bottles Sign


Jail art seen through a cell door at Kilmainham Gaol


More Irish Donkeys


Waterless Boats in Galway


Large Building full of “stuffed” animals.  This deer lived a long time ago and was massive!


Animal Graveyard at Powerscourt Gardens


Animal Graveyard at Powerscourt Gardens


Strange Stones at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland


Guinness Street Art in Dublin


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34 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Ireland Edition

  1. Great submittal; I’m never sure what to pick for the Odd Ball challenge. I didn’t even see that the boats were without water. I was more enamored with the color and liveliness in such a dreary environment.

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  2. These are great Jenny! Love your stealth photo of the Guinness in baby bottles. Good heavens. Well, those babies probably slept well. It was a good choice to lead off with the donkey carving at the top – it’s a perfect oddball photo. The harp graffiti I think I’ve seen in the Guinness post, and I particularly like that one. Also, how neat that we both posted photos of basalt columns recently. In the waterfall post you just commented on, did you notice the photo where I mentioned the columns? I should have taken a photo more from the top, like you did at Giant’s Causeway. I am fascinated by geology and have wanted to see the Giant’s Causeway for a long time.

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