Cold Memories of Bryce Canyon

I was thinking recently of our camping trip through Utah and realized I never shared any photos of Bryce Canyon in a proper post.  Bryce was particularly memorable because we camped here in ten degree weather.  Ten degrees! Icicles on the inside of our trailer!  It is this very cold and icy weather, plus erosion, that helps form the interesting geology in the National Park.  The red, orange, and white hoodoo views were spectacular and the hikes warmed us up. There are too many vistas to share so I just picked some of my favorites to show you.

The park skirts along the Colorado Plateau and the Paunsaugunt Plateau.  Bryce is higher in elevation than Zion, @ 8-9000 feet, which makes it cooler.  (Not cool like a 16 year old but cool like a snowman.)  The park is humongous covering 35,835 acres.  There is an 18 mile loop drive that can take you around a good representation of the park providing drivers some spectacular vistas.  But, those who have the time and the legs for it should definitely choose a few of the hikes, short or long, so they can experience the canyon from below.

If you are lucky enough to stay nearby or camp in the park do yourself a favor and be up for sunrise and around for sunset.  The shadows play on the rocks in glorious fashion.

We didn’t have enough time to visit Zion sadly!  Has anyone been there?  Do you have a preference over Bryce?  Or are they both beautiful and you don’t choose one over the other?

To visit other locations in Utah like Arches National Park click here!

69 thoughts on “Cold Memories of Bryce Canyon

  1. You definitely don’t choose one over the other. Each is unique in their own right and vastly different. Where did you camp at Bryce? It’s been over 25 years since I last visited that part of Utah. Thanks for the reminder that I MUST revisit. Wonderful photos of a stunning place.

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    • Sadly, I don’t remember the name of the campsite. When I looked back at their website I see there are only a few campsites inside of the park. And, if memory serves, only one of them was open due to the weather. It was a really great campsite though which a nice heated bathroom (Normally unnecessary but this trip it was handy), space between sites, and tall pine trees. There was a store nearby if one needed to resupply.

      Good point about not choosing between them. I am sorry I missed Zion but it leaves another great park to conquer one of these days.

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  2. Isn’t Bryce something of a photographer’s paradise? You captured it well. I’ve been to both Bryce and Zion several times over the years and each is unique. Bryce has the light and fun character of the hoodoos, Zion is massive. They have very different personalities. I once backpacked out of Zion, climbing several thousand feet up. It was quite the trip! –Curt

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    • Bryce was a great place to take photos. It would have been nice to have a little bit more time there when the weather was warmer. Perhaps we will go back some day. We did some hiking there but not enough. Only one days worth. Thanks for your perspective.

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  3. Last year (2015) we drove up to Zion 4 weekends in a row looking for autumn colors. And this year, so far, we’ve been up there once looking for snow. We were unsuccessful all 5 times but never disappointed in the beauty of Zion. As for Bryce, I’ve only been there once, several years ago. I agree with other comments that you need not choose one over the other. They are both beautiful and both have so much to offer. We’ve also been to Yosemite, Arches, and Monument Valley. I’d love to take a National Parks tour like Andrew suggests. I’m off to read his post now.

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    • I know. I am jealous of his trip! I think it would be great to do something like that in conjunction with a trip around the country. Take something like three months. Maybe after I retire some day!

      5 times huh? That is terrible. Glad you enjoyed it despite your purpose not working out.


      • That is our plan exactly. We want to travel cross country visiting all the places on our bucket list. We had considered a mobile home but have decided against one.

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          • Have you? Our thinking is that the cost of gas and the reduced power of your vehicle (either towing or a caravan) would be just as much, or more, as a motel at night with your own hot shower!

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          • You are of course correct. But part of the fun for us is camping in some of the national parks and being able to cook our own food around a campfire. Who knows. Probably both have advantages and drawbacks. Slower driving. Gas. Campsites ad cheaper than hotels. Save on food. Lose out on interesting cafes. Sounds like I need a spreadsheet to help make the decision. Ha ha.


          • You know, you’re right. No reason you can’t partake of an occasional motel or local diner. And being forced to a more leisurely pace might be enjoyable. And nothing like waking up to sunrise in a national park!

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    • Yes please! Do research and go in good weather. I suppose one nice thing about being there in the cold is that there weren’t many other people there. Camp sites were slow and hiking was easy and pleasant. And the roads weren’t crowded.

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  4. Camping in 10F (I assume F and not C) sounds pretty cold! But what a beautiful area:) I have seen many photos of Bryce Canyon and I am equally amazed every time. The shapes, and the colours. Amazing!

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  5. You took some stunning photos here! Bryce is certainly worth seeing at sunrise and at sunset. I’ve not spent enough time at Bryce to be able to compare the two parks, but I am in love with Zion. I spent several days camping at Zion once, and had the chance to do some hikes which makes an impression, and I’ve passed through a couple more times. I think Utah has the best parks of all. I saw Arches for the first time a couple years ago and loved it.

    I also did a National Park trip way back in 2007, but Andrew saw more places and I am off to read about his adventures now.

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  6. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite place in Utah since all the parks are so different. I have such great memories of hiking up the river in the canyons of Zion as a kid. But, years later, cross-country skiing on the rim of Bryce Canyon was spectacular in it’s awe inspiring beauty.

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