Sacramento Train Museum in Old Sacramento – Train Nerds Rejoice

A young friend of mine expressed some interest in learning photography recently.  I was going to take her to my backyard and teach her some basics about her camera.  But, instead, another random opportunity presented itself.  Mike’s Camera Shop in downtown Sacramento hosted a free photography meetup at the Sacramento Train Museum.  I couldn’t think of a less interesting place to take a 12 year old girl so we headed out with promises that it would be a great place to practice her skills.  It turned out we both had a blast taking photos of “creepy manikins”, welds, train wheels, cattle guards, old luggage, and to be honest things I don’t even know the name of.  I considered it a success because my young friend took hundreds of photos and never got tired of looking at the details of cool old trains.  She left boasting terms like depth of field, manual focus, and shutter speed.  A highlight for me was watching her lay on the floor in order to get a cool shot with a “fuzzy background” as she called it.  (Good photographers always get on the ground in my book!)  We rewarded ourselves with an ice cream cone and a walk through Old Sacramento!

Train nerds rejoice.  (You know who you are.)  I took far more photos of train details than I care to admit.  I hope you enjoy!

I consider this to be an “odd” subject to photograph so I am happy to submit the post to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge!

22 thoughts on “Sacramento Train Museum in Old Sacramento – Train Nerds Rejoice

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  3. Your photos are all stunning! Great perspectives and close-ups. Also, I completely agree that photographers worth their salt will find themselves on the ground, crawling under fences and skidding down slopes and climbing and contorting at some point or another. It simply must be done. I hope you have a photo of your friend getting her shots, so you can cherish them. What a service you have done for the imagination and confidence of another. I am just grinning. 🙂


    • I sure do. I have a picture of my young friend completely laying on the ground taking a picture straight up. It’s probably one of my favorite pictures. I showed it to her and we had a good laugh. Mental note. Where comfy clothes and comfy shoes. Ha ha.

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