46 thoughts on “Utah Petroglyphs – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Back in my ski bum days (sooooo last century) when the Aspen ski lifts would close in April I would go to Squaw Flats to camp and hike around the flat rock. Moab really was a small town. ‘Those were the dayyyys.’

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    • Its so beautiful there. I think it would be great to spend a summer based there and visit all of the monuments and spend a lot of time hiking to the spots that take too much time on a short trip.

      Sounds like a fun time hopping from Aspen to Moab! Not too shabby.

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      • I think it’s pretty hot there in the summer. April weather was perfect. Utah is a beautiful state. The Mormons lucked out when they got it. I think it should have been the Presbyterians, or maybe the Methodists. 🙂

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    • It sounds like it. It would probably be more fun to say the aliens did it. But, yes I am guessing they did what so many other peoples did. It isn’t paint on top of a hand or something else like you see in some other caves. I wish I knew why there were so many in such a small place. It sure seems like it much have been a special place that people travelled to. And some of the figures look so strange and interesting like aliens.

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  2. I will be in Utah the end of June for a week, that is if I’m cleared by my doctor due to having had elbow surgery. I’m a midwesterner (originally an easterner), but I travel to a new city/state every year for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. I look forward to doing some sightseeing.


  3. Peggy and I love petroglyphs and have wandered through the Southwest looking for them. Newspaper Rock is one of the most impressive sites, and easy to get to. If you get down to southern New Mexico, be sure to include the Three River Petroglyph site in your travels. Plan to spend a day there an wander over the whole area. There are true treasures to be found. –Curt

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  4. Ahhh sweet, sweet memories of Utah. Could there ever be a more geologically beautiful state in the Union? Seriously, is there? if there is, we need to go check it out! Thank you for reminiscing about Utah.

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  5. Hi Jenny. How’ve you been? Those petroglyphs are absolutely amazing. Brilliant. (Let’s avoid “ossom”) 🙂
    I could possibly spend hours looking at each detail. Any idea as to the date? (There is a horse rider shooting an arrow at something) 🙂

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    • Ossom. Funny. Wikipedia said something like 2000 years old but they aren’t sure. Yes those riders are beautiful. They are obviously shooting a deer or something huh. We don’t have or didn’t have buffalo down there. I think they are neat. One can certainly use their imagination. Who knows maybe the Picasso of Utah was just doodling.

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      • Possibly doodling. It has been suspected recently that wild accounts and myths spun by far-away tribes to the anthropologists may have been a lot of “bull”. It seems that some of the “primitives” when they saw those eager young men and women come to record their legends had a bit of fun with them. Now, 2000 BC is impossible, since supposedly the horse wasn’t introduced to the Americas until the conquest in the 1500’s… Who knows?

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