Ross Errilly Friary, County Galway

I hope you aren’t tired of Ireland posts yet!  I still have a few more up my sleeve.  I am sure as soon as I finish writing about it I will be itching to go back so I keep saving a few…

Ross Errilly Friary is a fine example of one of my favorite things to do when traveling.  I love to find the random unplanned locations that come up between Point A and Point B.  After spending the day driving in and around Kylemore Abbey we were headed back to Clare and decided to follow one of the brown historic markers that dot the roadways throughout Ireland.  I looked at them and asked if they had one more stop in them.  My parents are good sports about going anywhere and doing pretty much anything so they were game.  The sun was setting, no one was around, and we had a blast checking out the interesting angles of the remaining architecture.

Ross Errily Medieval Franciscan Friary can be located in County Galway near the village of Headford.  You can see it from the main road and can follow the well signed roads.  It is worth a few minute visit for sure.



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30 thoughts on “Ross Errilly Friary, County Galway

  1. I am so glad that you posted so many in black and white! Those shots seem to bring out the character of the place. The ruins of the statue, the geometry of the arches, the light of the open sky vs. the darkness of the stone walls. I especially love the power of the bell tower drawing your eye up into the sky (as they were meant to do), only to realize that you are looking through the remains of the church. I never tire of the Ireland posts though I feel a twinge of guilt with each one for never having gone. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks Peter. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. These stone buildings do look interesting in black and white. It adds to the mystery and makes them almost look like they were built to look like this. They can also be a little melancholy though because I can imagine what they once looked like and stood for. Regardless, I imagine it is a good thing they are still being enjoyed by people many many years after they were used. Its fun to see what artifacts still remain in some of these structures like the carving.

      There is still plenty of time to go visit Ireland. It is one of the most accessible and enjoyable places to visit. And you know someone who could give you lots of good advice on where to go. 😉

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    • Exactly. Can you imagine all of the births, deaths, weddings, confessions…

      The Rock of Cashel is one of my brother Sean’s favorite places in Ireland. It dawned on me recently that I never posted about it from my trip a few years back. I have added it to my list to blog about. So look forward to that sometime soon.

      Bing had the most spectacular photo of Cashel a few years ago shrouded in storm clouds and sheep and electric green grass. It was amazing. The Queen visited there a few years ago when she went to Ireland which the employees of Cashel were very proud of.

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      • It is isn’t it? You saw certain things, and photos give a very… skewed account of any given place. So many elements missing, sound, the wind, the smell, etc. But each of your photos has a power of “evoking” something. A picture of the Collins clan near a meadow in Irelad, or was it a wall? makes one wonder: what did they just say to each other? 🙂

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        • Oh thanks. I agree though. And I suppose that is where the art comes in. Perhaps the photos I show are the ones where I am trying to tell a story even though it may not have been the reality! A cute photo of my nephew smiling in front of the Cliffs of Moher neglected to show that my nieces were bored out of their mind and cold and tired of the wind. Or a photo of my parents smiling somewhere never told the story of how hungry they were because we were two hours late for lunch! But conversely, photos can also never tell the entire beauty of the place or even reflect the pure joy and happiness we were feeling at times either. They are snapshots in my mind that provide very vivid memories. One of the reasons I do the blog is merely to just remember. It’s amazing to me how quickly I can forget things about a trip that was only taken very recently.

          Random thoughts there…

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    • I am so glad to meet someone who has been there before because it is a small stop kind of in the middle of nowhere but I found it profoundly beautiful. I look forward to hearing about your travels. (As you can probably see I have quite a bit on Ireland in my blog I would be honored if you would check out.)

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