Gold Country Drive – Barbed Wire

When I was a kid my Grandfather had a decoration he hung on the wall with various kinds and shapes of Barbed Wire affixed to it.  I was always interested and had a veiled respect for this display because it could hurt me if I touched it and it also seemed strange that a man would display what seemed like garbage on the wall.  Well, now that I am a little older and realize that the barbed wire isn’t going to jump off the display and cut me I find it a fascinating thing to photograph.  I ran across some while I took my little Gold Country drive the other day.  I hope you enjoy the different perspective and the good excuse to use my macro lens. 


32 thoughts on “Gold Country Drive – Barbed Wire

  1. Fascinated at your grandfather’s interest in barbed wire and love your pics.
    I’ve a huge thing about barbed wire, having spent so much of my life crawling through barbed wire fences for one reason or another.

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  2. Heey, I have a collection of barbed wire, too. I could be your grandfather’s age…where things like that seemed cool! I have some on an old barnwood piece of wood, and others just in a drawer.

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  3. My main acquaintance with barbed wire has usually been up close and personal! Most recently it was clearing old barbed wire off of our property which once served as a ranch. Very heavy gloves required. Beyond that my experience has been crawling through barbed wire fences. Always a challenge with many a scratch as an award. 🙂 –Curt

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  4. An interesting subject. A symbol of many things. I remember, how, as kids, in Normandy, we’d slip under the barbed wire separating one field from the other. And I just realized how similar the French word is: “Barbelés” (Plural always)

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