Saint Kevin’s Monastery

Saint Kevin’s Monastery in Glendalough holds a special place in my heart.  It was one of the first places I visited outside of Dublin on my first trip to Ireland.  I visited here with a group of people from the college class I was taking and was really moved by the place.  I have taken my brother here, my husband here, and my parents here all on separate trips. It is charming and beautiful set in the hills of the Wicklow Mountains.  The monastery sits on a peaceful lake said to have medicinal properties that visitors can have a nice walk around. Saint Kevin lived much of his time in a cave above the lake in contemplation.  As is the case with most monasteries I can certainly see why.  (Remember Kylemore Abbey?) The site also boasts many lovely buildings to explore along with several tall crosses and the iconic tower.

It is a beautiful drive here from Dublin whether you drive up over the bog-filled mountains or via Avoca and Powerscourt through the more direct route.  If you are traveling the countryside I highly recommend staying the night in the area at one of the many lovely bed and breakfasts and enjoy some food in the quaint town of Laragh.


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34 thoughts on “Saint Kevin’s Monastery

  1. That is clearly a special place to keep in one’s heart, and memory. 🙂 It certainly looks like it stood the test of time. I love the construction method of just hard rocks on top of each other. Very authentic that way, seemingly magical even. And very neat for the area to be surrounded by vibrant greens.

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