Quin Town and Abbey / Knappogue Castle and Walled Gardens – Ireland

For part of our trip to Ireland in July we stayed at a lovely little B&B in County Clare.  We took many day trips in all directions from a village called Tulla.  On one of our trips back to our base we passed through the town of Quin and came across the Abbey there.  It was a charming quiet and peaceful scene with locals walking their dogs.  We had to pull over and have a look.

We continued down the road following a sign that said Knappogue Castle and Walled Gardens.  This led us to a lovely restored castle and gardens used for events.  One could certainly imagine weddings, parties, or work events in this lovely venue surrounded by rolling green hills, cattle, and horses.

This is the real and rural and lovely Ireland that you will not find in your guidebooks.  You must drive or walk or explore and you will be rewarded every time in this magnificent country.



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28 thoughts on “Quin Town and Abbey / Knappogue Castle and Walled Gardens – Ireland

  1. I would love to do this! I am so chicken to drive in Ireland, though, sigh. I feel like I couldn’t get used to the other side of the car/road thing…

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