Yankee Jims Road

We went for a little drive last weekend to check out a nearby area we hadn’t explored before.  Between Foresthill, California and Colfax, California is a small un-maintained Placer County Road called Yankee Jims Road.  (Turns out Yankee Jim was a hellraiser, bandit, gold minor, horse thief, and all around bandit.  Why not name a town and road after him?)

Expecting to just see a road I had never driven on before I was pleasantly surprised with multiple flowing waterfalls, a pretty fun 4×4 trail, and a ton of lovely wildflowers.

I continue to be surprised by things in my own Northern California backyard.

When was the last time you explored a road you had never driven on just because?


Foresthill Vista



NEWSFLASH: Water is still flowing in California!


This little beauty is literally just off of the side of the road


This is a shot from my backyard.  Just kidding.  I wish it was my back yard.


California Poppies and Lupines showing off


Cee has challenged us to post photos from a dirt road!  Check out more here!

33 thoughts on “Yankee Jims Road

  1. I love all of these shots. OK, some more than others but what a group! And why not name a road and town after Yankee Jim? Would you rather live in a town named after one of our politicians? My wife and I often take weekend trips exploring exits off the freeways around here. We’ve discover quite a few little known treasures.

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  2. Lovely, lovely photos. I really like the one with the purple flowers flowing downhill, trees in the background…just very cool. I used to get in my car and just go. See if I could get lost. Usually I could, and always found my way back. These days, I just don’t do that any more. Unless I’m in a foreign country.

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