Springtime in Napa – Castello di Amorosa

My friend Diana and I took a nice little drive last week through Napa.  She had always wanted to stop in at Castello di Amorosa and springtime seemed like the time to go!  Napa is stunning this time of year and it wasn’t too hard to convince me to take the day off for a visit.

The main 13th century inspired castle/winery was built in 1993 on 30 acres of rolling hills with 8,000 tons of stone creating 107 rooms and 136,000 square feet.  (Must larger than I was expecting.)  The castle comes equip with a “moat”, a drawbridge, dungeon, torture chamber, and consecrated chapel.  Visitor’s can pay way too much money for a tour or just visit the grounds/gardens and buy/taste the wine for free.  This winery is a lovely spot to stop for a picnic along the wine trail to enjoy a stunning view and soak in some sunshine.

Don’t forget to check out the teeth on that sheep.

For more on my visits to Napa please click here.

26 thoughts on “Springtime in Napa – Castello di Amorosa

  1. Oh wow, what gorgeous photos! Napa even beats Ireland in the spring greenery stakes… Well, for the moment at least! As for your sheep, he’s pulling a totally classic Beastie face! Maybe his wool will end up on my knitting needles someday 😀

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  2. I’m impressed at the quality of the “reconstruction”. Well done. The iron work is very much alike what one can see in Tuscanny. And all your photos carry so much light! Beautiful, Jenny. Thank you.
    (How was the wine?)

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