Mendocino Guest House Inn

While visiting Mendocino last weekend we finally stopped by the Mendocino/Fort Bragg Guest House Museum.  It was a short and cute little museum.  But, the fun part was the large redwood stump out front displaying rings from almost Pre-Christian times.  We don’t see many trees this large anymore outside of the State Parks that care for them.  But, for those of you who may never have seen anything like this before check it out and then read of the many historic events that occurred in its lifetime.  I have never seen anything like this outside of California, has anyone else?

32 thoughts on “Mendocino Guest House Inn

    • We are so lucky to have giant redwoods throughout the state. I never grow tired of seeing them. Sadly this one was cut down but it is still impressive to see. There is one in Calavaras that was big enough to be used as a dance floor!

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  1. Wow, incredible! The closest I’ve come to seeing something like this was a slice of a giant sequoia in the Natural History Museum in London, but I don’t think it’s as old as this tree was. I was amazed by the forests in California when I was there a few years ago – our ancient Irish forests are long gone!

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  2. It was a different era when redwoods were measured in board feet instead of beauty. I have little doubt that all of the giant redwoods would be serving as someones deck or house today if it weren’t strictly protected. Maintaining virgin forests is an ongoing battle. Like you, I have returned to Mendocino again and again. –Curt

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  3. Amazing. So is the chronology. No mention of the Napoleonic wars? Or the French revolution? and who was the Swedish king? 🙂
    I believe those trees are unique to California. I remember going through Yosemite a (long) while back. Unbelievable. Thank you Jenny.

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  4. We have a few displays like that around Washington State. Though the funny thing is I can’t remember specifically where, just that I’ve seen them. I don’t think any are that big, not sure about age. Some of our old growth douglas firs are enormous, but still have to bow to the mighty redwoods.

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