Memorial Day Mendocino Botanical Gardens

Yes, yes, I know.  I have posted about the Mendocino Botanical Gardens before.  But, it’s sort of become my muse.  (If I may humbly use that term.)  Right about the time I think I might start get tired of the place I go back and fall in love all over again.  We spent a four-day Memorial Day weekend up in Mendocino and spent the better part of an afternoon exploring the garden and enjoying the hummingbird wars, coastal breeze, roses, veggie garden, golden rod crab spiders (what?), and Dahlia buds.  As I sit in 100+ degree Sacramento heat this week I am channeling the coastal breeze and cooler weather from Mendocino wishing we never came home…

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21 thoughts on “Memorial Day Mendocino Botanical Gardens

  1. Wow those are gorgeous flowers and you’ve captured them beautifully. I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens here in NYC earlier this spring but I was too early and we only saw a few cherry blossoms and not much flowers. This makes me think it’s worth going back.

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  2. So beautiful and cool. A few hours and a million miles away from Sacramento. Peggy and I wrapped up our 10,000 mile romp around North America in Sacramento last week with the same reaction: HOT. There may have been a few other adjectives thrown in. Unfortunately, our home in Southern Oregon shares pretty much the same weather. Ah well, I can dream of Nova Scotia and every other place we visited where it was cooler. 🙂 –Curt

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