Postcards from Paris – Alexandre Bridge

These photos were taken with my iPhone so I hope you wont mind the graininess.  But, this bridge and this view couldn’t be more Parisian.  It was a beautiful clear night despite the cold and well worth the windy walk to see it at dusk.


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21 thoughts on “Postcards from Paris – Alexandre Bridge

  1. Fantastic photos. I was in Paris in 1992 an did a poetry reading at the Shakespeare Bookshop. I’ve been doing some research lately and re-reading my diaries and letters etc. It’s fabulous to enjoy your photos. Takes me back.
    xx Rowena

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  2. Wow! The Alexandre III bridge is The bridge in Paris. I normally go there during the day. At night I go to the Pont des arts (sadly disfigured lately) but your night view of Alexandre III is perfect. No worry about the “grain”. I think it adds to the magic. Very good work, Jenny.

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