Paris – Doors Part Deux

There are so many parts of traveling I enjoy.  Architecture is one of them.  And Doors make a big impact on architecture.  France makes a solid effort at keeping their doors real for sure.


I mean seriously?  Look at this door.  It’s perfect in color, shape, ivy, knob, button…I need to know who lives here.  πŸ˜‰


Not your typical french style door.


Makes you wanna know what’s behind it doesn’t it?


I think a gate can count as a door when there are flowers this pretty behind it.


I don’t even remember where I saw this door but I love everything about it.


Doors on cemeteries count too, right? Pere Lachaise Cemetary.

Check out some of my previous doors from France and all over the world by clicking here.

Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

The Daily Post is featuring Doors today too! Check them out!

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