Folsom Power House

Thursday Doors with Norm 2.0 gave me inspiration to include some photos from the Folsom Power house in downtown Folsom, California. The powerhouse is a state park and nestles up against one of the most beautiful stretches of the American River and the American River Bike Trail. It never grows old walking over the rainbow bridge even when the air is smoky from fires and unclear. Take a walk/ride down the bike trail and stop for some coffee when you are done at any number of lovely places to eat…

Social Distancing in Plymouth, California

A while back I did a series of multiple posts I called Gold Country Drives which took us to various spots in Northern California’s beautiful Gold Country.  (Check it out again if you are so inclined.)  For our birthdays every year my photography friend Diana and I always get together and go somewhere to take photos (and usually eat some yummy food).  Typically we go to Napa or the Bay area or the Coast or somewhere with lots of flowers to enjoy a beautiful day together.  This year, with COVID, everything is frankly just weird.  So, we decided to do a social distancing photo shoot in the Plymouth/Amador County area.  Our first stop was downtown Plymouth where a few interesting doors presented themselves.  It was mandatory I post them for Norm 2.0’s weekly post since I haven’t been out much in months.  I went back and forth on if these photos should be black and white or not.  I landed on color because the red and the blue/green and yellow is just too interesting.

Enjoy friends.  More flowers and wineries to follow from this day of fresh air and space.  Happy Thursday Doors.

Be well everyone.

Old Town Auburn Doors

Happy Thursday everyone.  Meet the doors of Old Town Auburn, California.  Auburn is another great city which has its roots in the Gold Rush.  It has changed a lot over the years and is growing regularly.  It is known for its vibrant Old Town, its mandarins, and its wine believe it or not.  I took some inspiration from Norm 2.0 and snapped some colorful photos of its doors for you.


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Paris – Doors Part Cinq

This will be the last set of Parisian doors for this trip.  I hope you have enjoyed the doors I have chosen to share on this Thursday Door tour through Paris.  They are a beautiful source of inspiration and happiness for me.  And many thanks to Norm for his challenge which provides me an excuse to share them with you.


The wisteria was just beginning to bloom while we were in Paris which attracted me to all sorts of gates.  If only it had been this lovely in Giverny…


Imagine the history this door has seen.


I love this worn knocker.


Something like this would be blight where I live but it is living art and not to be messed with elsewhere in the world. Doors like this keep me traveling.

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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

Paris -Doors part Trois

I hope you enjoy a nice mix of interesting doors from Paris.  Doors that go nowhere, covered passage doors, old doors, and door knockers.  Enjoy.


How cool is this door? It was actually part of a building at once time which has long since been torn down. The French people chose to keep the door. It is just standing there all by itself. I LOVE that.


Surely door knockers can be considered?


Oldest building in Paris.


Covered Passage in Paris


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Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!