Parisian Graffiti – Part Trois

Like I said, no shortage of interesting graffiti.  Maybe I should go over and start a Parisian Graffiti walking tour?

Tell me, do you find graffiti a nuisance?  Attractive?  Interesting?  Scary?  I found most of the art to be innocent and interesting in Paris.  There was relatively little that was obscene or gang related.  So, for the most part I enjoyed it unless it was over top something I felt had a lot of history that was ruined.  In many ways it provided interest to areas that were relatively uninteresting.  In other places, it seemed to just be everywhere and if I lived there I imagine I would get tired of it.  What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Parisian Graffiti – Part Trois

  1. I am so impressed by the graffiti! The boy revealing a rainbow, what a great statement on an otherwise blank wall. Maybe if I saw more of the context of the setting I would see that the art is out of place. But, compared to gang tagging I seen on every wall, sign, light post, fence, or building, I would take Parisian graffiti any day.

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  2. I don’t like graffiti but I would call your pictures street art which can be good. My least favourite graffiti is love locks on bridges and I have always wondered why bad language graffiti wherever you are is almost always in English. Perhaps we just have the best swear words?

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    • Maybe so. Sad that we can take credit for that one. Normally it is an honor to have people speak English throughout the world but not in that case. 😉 I am on the fence about the lovelocks. I suppose like anything else it got carried away. What started as a sweet sentiment turned in to something that can be damaging and expensive to rectify.

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  3. Some more great graffiti and street art- thanks for sharing it! You asked how we find graffiti. For me, graffiti is interesting, challenging, fun, inspiring, beautiful, and in some cases disturbing. I love its variety and creativity. I look for it all over New York City, and it’s always a treat to see posts like this featuring street art from other parts of the world.

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