Parisian Graffiti – Part Deux

There is actually so much interesting graffiti in Paris I quit photographing it and just focused on the art I thought was different, or weird, or interesting in some way.  I couldn’t believe how great some of the art was, how prolific it was, and how it almost seemed to be encouraged in the right locations.

Where is the best graffiti you have seen?  Feel free to link a graffiti post of yours to this one if you would like.  Sharing is caring!  😉

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16 thoughts on “Parisian Graffiti – Part Deux

  1. I suspect, in many cases, it is encouraged, and even paid for. Murals are slightly more formal but still represent the same art form. They seem to be everywhere, and always add to the joy of travel. Really liked the guy in the lower left hand photo. –Curt

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  2. A great selection Jenny. The one before last is right by Beaubourg. The fountain with Nikki de Saint-Phalle’s sculptures… 🙂
    (PS. Got great street art in SF, especially in Haight st, and 24th and Mission…)
    (need to sort it first)

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