Paris – Doors Part Quatre

Tired of Parisian Doors?  I’m not.  😉


Passage Door that is almost painfully beautiful


Beautiful artwork


Very inviting isn’t it?


Knock knock



Never tire of knockers

Check out some of my previous doors from France and all over the world by clicking here.

Thanks to Norm 2.0 for inspiring me to share my doors!

37 thoughts on “Paris – Doors Part Quatre

    • Thank you! Interestingly enough I have similar photos from my first trip to Paris. I just loved this spot so much I had to go back. And I hope it warms your heart to know I was thinking of you and your Thursday blog around every corner when I was taking these photos. 🙂

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  1. Door knockers in Europe are fascinating. I want to know the history of each one I see. Is it there to scare off evil spirits, to wish good luck, or some other purpose? Or is it just to provide a means of letting inhabitants know someone is visiting? My favorite was the face. –Curt

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  2. Wow, Paris really has been a rich source of inspiration for you! It makes me realise how much I must have been dashing around the place on previous visits… next time I’ll be sure to slow down and take a proper look at the doors. Thanks for sharing your pictures… I especially love the sad lion door knocker!

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