Kitchen Challenge – Part Two

Some of you may remember a challenge my husband gave me when I visited Ireland last year.  He asked me to take photos of cute cafes to print and put on the wall in our kitchen thereby combining three of my favorite things: food, photography, and travel.  Well, the challenge was fun for me so I extended it to Paris thinking I would have no shortage of cafe scenes there.  Here are a few unedited photos that have potential.  Let me know what you think…

63 thoughts on “Kitchen Challenge – Part Two

  1. I think it depends on the size the picture is going to be, if it is A4 or bigger (not sure what the US equivalent is!) then I would go for the close up with the red edged menu boards. If you were to have a frame with three small photos one on top of the other I think the three pictures you’ve taken from a corner angle (the boulangerie, Camille (?) and the one with the archway to the left) would look great as they are all from a similar perspective and distance.

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  2. That’s another great idea for a photography theme.
    I’m usually partial to ones that straddle the corner of a building but in this collection the two that have the most potential in my opinion are the Crepe Suzette or Le Petit ChΓ’telet.

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  3. A great selection Jenny. The Hotel dunnord inspired a classical 1938 french movie by Marcel Carne. That is by the canal. I think i know some of the restaurants, le rocher de cancale is in rue montorgueil i think. The one near shakespeare and co is well known too. Again, a very good selection. Great job. ( how are things yΓ³ur end?)

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  4. These are all terrific photos of my favorite city in the world and bring back good memories. After all, what is Paris without the cafe?

    By the same token, my husband, Parisian, observes ” Where are all the people? What are cafes without the people?”


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