Irish Kitchen Painting Challenge – Which do you prefer?

As has been obvious in my recent blogging I visited Ireland this summer with my parents and brother and his family.  My husband was unable to join us.  He did, however, send me to Ireland with a challenge.  We currently have a simple little painting in our kitchen that depicts a cafe scene somewhere in make-believe Italy.  He asked me to take a photo of a cafe or restaurant or bar in Ireland that could be put on canvas and replace the generic Italy scene we have now.  Tell me your thoughts!?  So far he can’t decide.  I know which one I like but I am looking for outside opinions…which photo would you like to stare at every morning making coffee or every night cooking up a meal?


Charming bar scene in Kinsale?


Silly happy little bar in Dublin?


Brightly colored bar, strangely enough named after my brother, in Adare?


Bright Guinness mural from Tralee?

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65 thoughts on “Irish Kitchen Painting Challenge – Which do you prefer?

  1. It also has to be the last one. I think it is clear and simple but with so much detail. I would surely smile every morning. You should try South Africa as well

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  2. The grey hound in Kinsale looks nice but that’s a lot of beer for breakfast. 😉
    I like the Sean Collins bar. What a funny coincidence.
    The Guiness Tucan is weird. Like another Crazy Marketing Director decision. After bad market research.
    What on earth can a Tucan have to do with Ireland, and beer?
    Or are they preparing for Global warming?

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