Go Cubs!

One of the best things to do when traveling is to take in a local sporting event.  I have been lucky enough to see a game and visit the Wrigley stadium and Wrigleyville a few times now.  And it never gets old!   Chicago is one of the, if not THE, best sport towns in the US.

I wish Chicago and the Cubs the best of luck in overcoming their 104 year dry spell! Wrigley will be out of control and I only wish I was there again experiencing the country’s best sports stadium, surrounded in a sea of blue, cheering on the Cubbies.  This is their year!





20 thoughts on “Go Cubs!

  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to do the baseball holy trinity: (Old) Yankee Stadium, Fenway, and Wrigley, as I see you have as well. Pretty cool eh?
    In an age when every sports team wants a newer, shinier better stadium, it’s hard to not have a soft spot for places so rich in history.

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    • Yes, I see that you found the post I did some time ago. I went with one of my brothers and some friends and we saw Yankee before it got demolished. Fenway is only behind Wrigley by the smallest measure both in its cool factor and its crazy fans! But, Wrigley has my heart. (And a better hot dog coincidentally.)

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  2. I have three grown sons. Raised them in Chicago. They have one central binding brotherly hotly contested topic since childhood. Two of them LOVE the Cubs, the other one is a Sox fan. Therefore right now, two of them are over the moon happy might to the chagrin of the third.

    Go Cubs!


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