A different kind of adventure…

If you haven’t noticed I have been quieter lately and not posting terribly often.  I apologize to my faithful readers but am happy to announce exciting changes are happening over here at Bulldog Travels Headquarters…

We are expecting our first human baby, not a bulldog puppy, in six weeks or so which may slow down my travels for a short while.  I can’t wait to immerse our baby boy in travel both locally, in my precious and beautiful Northern California, and all over the world when the time calls.

I hope you will be patient with me while I figure out this new adventure and get my travel schedule back on track.  The idea of sharing all of the places I have been and have yet to experience with a little one is more exciting than any trip I have ever planned to date.

*Does anyone have any advice for traveling with small children?  I have always read posts on this topic from blogs I follow but now it will be taking on new meaning.  🙂

~Happy Travels from Jenny & Eric and Amelia (the Bulldog behind Bulldog Travels!)

38 thoughts on “A different kind of adventure…

  1. Love that picture. Advice about traveling with small children? Well, we went to Sicily when daughter #2 was one month old. She cried for 3 days in a row. Then she was fine. babies are quite receptive to changes. And stress of adults so if you are in peace with yourselves you should be fine. Car rides are a great sleeping tool. 🙂 Just take your time, remember that babies have different rhythms and then you can travel just about anywhere. We took our daughters to Africa when they were 3-4 or 5-6. Hugs.

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