View from Neuschwanstein Castle


A visit to Neuschwanstein Castle is mandatory when in Germany.  This fairy-tale castle is epicly gorgeous.  And the view is as great as they come.  If I was a crazy king who wanted to bankrupt my country this is exactly where I would have chosen to built my castle as well…

What are some of your favorite castles and views? 

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45 thoughts on “View from Neuschwanstein Castle

  1. I went to this castle on my trip to Europe back in 2007, and I loved it so much. It still is one of my most favorite castles. Unfortunately at that time I didn’t have a proper camera to take photos of the magnificent structure — if only I had started blogging back then.

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    • I know how you feel. I had a terrible camera when I first started traveling too. Oh well. You are doing a great job now!!!

      It is a beautiful castle. It has one heck of a walk up the mountain though. Do you remember that?


  2. That’s a great view. Edinburgh castle isn’t very pretty but it is certainly imposing and has an incredible location on the top of an extinct volcano. This gives two great views, one from the castle down and one from anywhere in the city centre up! I’m lucky enough to be able to see it at close range out of my office window as I type!

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  3. Belvedere Castle in Central Park. Here are some photos:

    Now when I was in the Army I was stationed in Germany and I did see some castles but that was back in the late 1970s before digital cameras and who knows what happened to all the photos I took back then!! After 35 – 40 years stuff begins to disappear! However if I do find those old pictures I will share. Thanks!

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  4. Well, I live in Germany and I certainly prefer places more unknown to masses of people. Hidden treasures not appearing in any tourist guide. One of these places in Germany is for example PENZLIN CASTLE it includes a museum featuring the persecution of witches in this part of North-Eastern Germany, well it is really a bit spooky but optionally you may also visit the nearby MARIHN PALACE & HOTEL with a famous big rose garden nearby (especially a must for fans of David Austin roses). Both are quite magic places for me!

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    • Great recommendations! Totally agree with the less busy places. That’s is always the quandary with travel isn’t it? The busy places are busy and touristy for a reason aren’t they? But the less busy places are often some of my favorites because they are unexpected. Thanks for the comment. You are welcome here anytime.

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      • Touristic well known and good visited places sometimes just have a better marketing, but I prefer places with not so much people normally. Now Neuschwanstein castle is of course something very special. This attraction is due also to diverse legends told about the Bavarian king and unsolved mysteries concerning his early death. A real crazy king!

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