Little Church on Bornholm Island, Denmark


My brother Sean and I embarked on a trip to a tiny island south of Sweden which is actually a Danish island called Bornholm.  (Apparently it has gone back and forth between Danish and Swedish rule and currently it is Danish.)  My mother’s family comes from this tiny island.  Our ancestor Magnus sailed from here around the southern tip of South America and up to San Francisco where he homesteaded land near Coloma prior to the gold rush.  He then sailed back and collected his family and made the journey again.  Sean and I visited the island and found ancestors buried outside this lovely little church.  The island is charming and lovely and quiet with very little tourism.

Got Denmark?

29 thoughts on “Little Church on Bornholm Island, Denmark

  1. We are planning to travel to Fontanarosa in Italy soon. That’s where my grandparents emigrated from. There was a rumor that relatives still live there but even if not, just connecting with the town will be emotional, I think. It’s great that you were able to find your ancestor’s final resting place!

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  2. Of course it’s the best food anywhere. It’s Italian. My favorite. Of course, it won’t be able to compete with my grandmother’s. Or even my father’s! 🙂

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