Loch Ness – Do you believe?

Years ago I visited Loch Ness. There is something about the area and the lake that fills it full of mystery and shadows.  I was pleasantly surprised with the region and how beautiful and wild it was.  I went for Nessie but I stayed for the beauty.

I snapped this little photo choosing to believe the wake was left by the illusive Nessie.

25 thoughts on “Loch Ness – Do you believe?

  1. I have always believed the monster lives in the lake. I would love to visit there some day. And I don’t want to believe it’s seals (or one huge seal). But get this…I visited a lake in the Amazon that was formed when the river made a bend, then cut off the bend, leaving that part of the river a lake. And in the lake, there were seals!

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  2. You did it! You caught Nessie!! Right there in the foreground!

    Oh, Wait…. it’s a brick wall! 😉

    While there have been many attempts to verify or disprove Nessie over a century or more none have succeeded – yet. By far the most expensive and serious one which involved 19 power craft, fitted with sonar, in a line across the width of the loch and travelling it’s length, while not finding conclusive proof of the Creature, DID find 3 sonar sightings of moving submerged objects in the loch that were: “larger than a shark but smaller than a whale”. The search was repeated the next day with no result, proving that the first sightings were not just underwater objects being moved by currents?


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  3. Despite all the scientific proofs and studies, I wonder what if one day, we wake up to the news of Nessie being spotted in the lake.
    That must be the day when Big Foot also decides to step out of the jungle then 😀

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