U2 Joshua Tree Tour

Manchester has me thinking about the U2 concert I attended last week. As I have previously mentioned on this blog I love the band U2. They always have been my favorite and always will be. They are touring currently to celebrate 30 years of their Joshua Tree album. I have been excited about this concert for months. 

It’s easy to look at the concert a little differently this week. Some of the most perfect music ever uttered from Bono’s lips and Edge’s fingers happened on that album and that night. Some of the most creative and impressive lighting and video displays ever seen. An aura of nice Bay Area people smiling and happy enjoying the moment on a breezy and perfect weeknight. We were able to safely go home. 

Levi Stadium in Santa Clara holds 70,000 people. 70,000 souls I say! That is more than the population in the city in which I live! I can’t help but recall during the concert that this event would be the perfect place for a terrorist attack. There were armed police inside and outside of the venue with semi-automatic weapons keeping us safe. But, I don’t recall ever attending an event with this amount of law enforcement staff and artilery before. Security was so tight I was not even allowed to bring a small purse in to the stadium. But worst of all when the concert was over all 60 some odd thousand people went for the exits at the same time. Everyone filtered towards one of very few exits to an overfilled parking lot which is exactly where the attack happened in Manchester. Manchester. Young women. Eight year old child. 

My heart goes out to the victims and to Ms. Grande who must feel terrible. I recently chatted with a friend about this. We should keep going to concerts, right? We should keep going to public events and malls, and vacations, right? We can’t let them win. No matter how young the victims. No matter how much I shake my head at politicians and how useless they all can be at times. We have to live our lives. Sad this is the new reality for us. How long will we be making generic statements like “We can’t let them win?”

Is any of this business preventing you from living your life as you would like? Or are you sticking it to them and going about your activities and travel as normal? Whatever the “new normal” may be these days…

19 thoughts on “U2 Joshua Tree Tour

  1. As a New Yorker who lived through 9/11 and you can’t stop living your life. If it’s your time to go nothing can stop that and if it’s not your time same thing. Life goes on. This is the world we live in today. I work the late shift and get off after Midnight. All kind of creeps and denizens of the dark are on the trains. Many are mentally ill and deranged. At my workplace staff have been attacked. This is the new normal.

    America is a gun trigger happy society. You can get killed during Bible Study at church as we saw last year, murders happen in school, theater, movies and on the street. None of that is likely to change anytime soon. All I can really say and do is be prepared to meet the Lord.

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    • I work in law enforcement so I can relate to your comments for sure. I suppose life is too short to worry huh? Let’s hope we have a lot of life left to live before we meet the man upstairs.

      Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Tragic. It’s a complicated world-but death by gun seems man made. And then solving it by killing all of them or wiping them out seems like it might work but then what have we learned? Something is amiss; seems it always comes down to religion over the course of time. I guess WWIII is already taking place. If we have the power to stop it, we should. Didn’t we learn from the mass murderer of WWII? Hitler? Yes, we did. We should stop it now. All children should be a priority, loved and helped to feel secure along the way. Prayers and hearts for Manchester. This needs to be the last tragedy.

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  3. We haven’t changed anything in our lives. Our travels continue however we do follow the government advisories and refrain from visiting countries advised against. One wonders when it will all end or if it ever will.

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    • That seems totally reasonable and I am following the same rule. I have a feeling it won’t ever end. It may change or morph in to something else it the quantity of attack may increase or decrease but it seems to me this is the way it goes for now.

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