High Hand Nursery

Sometimes just getting out of the house for some fresh air can turn in to something delightful. The High Hand Nursery in Loomis, California is a lovely place to shop for your garden and a wonderful place to enjoy a quasi-botanical garden. And, they have a pretty darn good restaurant too! 

My little one is so interested in animals. He is fearless which makes me happy and scares me equally as much.

I’ve been lamenting lately that it seems we have fewer butterflies than when I was a kid. Anyone else notice that?

Sometimes you randomly run in to a stranger with a bird who teaches your cousin how to make it play dead! (Can’t make this stuff up.)

The trip out turned in to my favorite thing to do. Photograph flowers. Not too shabby for cell phone shots. 

Here’s to the end of summer! Bring on the fall! 


30 thoughts on “High Hand Nursery

  1. Cell phone shots? You must be joking. 🙂
    I was just thinking what a great photographer of flowers and colours you are.
    (I remember other posts)
    Great post. And I agree about animals. They’re fascinated, which is good, but we also must teach them their way about animals.
    (Blonde hair is growing! He will have white blonde hair)
    Good to see another post.
    And glad that progress seems to be made on the fires…

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